Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Financial Update

I'm very excited to report that since my last post, God has brought great progress to my total monthly pledged support, causing it to jump from 59% to 73%! How did such a significant jump come about? Some of it was from new pledges. However, the majority of this is due to two adjustments with the MTW office. First, my budget was reworked to correct an error that was recently discovered. Additionally, there was a reallocation of funds that came from two sources: one-time gifts that have been given over and above my one-time budget needs, and funds from monthly partners which have been greater than my current need while in the States. All of these funds are being pro-rated for monthly support over the course of the next five years. THANK YOU to everyone who is partnering with me in bringing the hope of the gospel to the people of Japan!

At 73%, I am officially into the "two-thirds" supported level. Most missionaries find that the final one-third comes in the most quickly -- but not always. I'm very hopeful that God will allow me to depart for Osaka, Japan this summer. Please praise God for how He works through partners of all kinds!

Uncle Bob's Storage Lawsuit

Some of you are aware of the lawsuit that I had to file against Uncle Bob's Storage. Because this blog is visible to anyone on the net, I will not go into any detail about this situation except to say this: my lawyer and I are scheduled to meet with the storage defendants on Monday, April 7. We will have a neutral mediator who will help us reach a mutually agreeable outcome. If we cannot reach a solution, we will need to proceed to civil court before a judge. Please pray that this will not be necessary. Pray that God will work out justice and that the settlement will cover my loss.

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