Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Goal Accomplished!

It appears that God has provided 100% of my missionary budget to serve in Japan for four years! Final numbers are still being verified, but I have been granted permission to purchase an airline ticket for Osaka, which I did last night! THANK YOU to everyone who has or is contributing to the work of bringing the hope of the gospel to the people of Japan! If you have pledged toward my monthly support but have not yet begun making contributions, would you please start doing so in August? Thank you!

Northeast Travel Update

Three weeks on the road: sharing the vision for Genesis International College at three very different churches in three very different regions of the USA, meeting up with old friends, and enjoying the majesty of God's creation and the wonders of urban centers -- the diversity of humanity and the breadth of culture that God instilled by making His creatures creative beings.

It has been a joy to reconnect with many old friends, to meet many new ones, and to receive the gracious hospitality of Christian brothers and sisters as they have opened up their homes and their lives to me. It has also been encouraging to encounter a number of potential team members -- people open to God potentially turning their somewhat predictable world upside-down and exchanging their assumed order for His often topsy-turvy but perfectly ordered adventure.

Two more weeks of travel will bring me through New York City, Philadelphia, and down the Atlantic coast to Atlanta. Please pray that God will continue to bless me with safety on the roads, stamina to not just endure but enjoy the opportunities He provides, and encouragement in His word and through His people.

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for safety over many miles from Iowa to the Northeast, so far.
  • Praise God for allowing me to spread the word about Genesis College with many people, and for interest in our ministry among those who would pray, give, and perhaps even join our team.
  • Praise God for providing 100% of the funds/pledges needed to serve in Japan for four years!
  • Pray that there will be no problems or delays in getting my visa (for entry into Japan) processed at the Chicago consulate between August 25 and 28.
Upcoming Events
  • August 8
    Home meeting in Allentown, PA
  • August 10
    New York City, NY
    10:30 worship service
  • August 18
    Home meeting in Lexington, SC
  • August 20-22
    Meetings at MTW offices in Atlanta, GA
  • August 25-27
    Meetings in Chicago, IL with GIC President, Joseph Kim
  • August 28
    Departure for Osaka, Japan