Sunday, May 9, 2010

Answer to Prayers

Thank you to all who prayed for the 2nd monthly bi-lingual worship service! It means a lot of me that so many of you prayed! Here's a report of how it went tonight:

  • PCA Elder Bob Drews preached this evening on Psalm 65, with the sermon title: "True Satisfaction Comes from True Worship." He clearly preached the gospel, showing how Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins and offers heaven as a free gift. Worship songs in both English and Japanese supported the sermon and directed our hearts toward the living Creator God.
  • Attendance this evening was around 40 people, most of whom were either members of the Makuhari church or regular attenders. There was one first-time guest -- a woman from the neighborhood who saw our flyers, checked out the church's website (, and decided to worship with us. Turns out that she is already a Christian but was unable to worship with her church this morning. There were also two brothers who are not Christians. "Yuki" is 25 and has been attending the Makuhari church for about a year. He told me last week that he would like to become a Christian soon, but he wants to be sure that his decision is not only in his head but also in his heart. He is very involved at the church, but still struggling with taking the big step of placing his trust fully in Jesus Christ. Yuki took his 16 year old brother with him this evening as well; last Sunday morning was his first time attending anything at the church. Please pray for these young men that God will work in their hearts and bring them both to a saving relationship with Him.

Please continue to pray that God will direct us at Makuhari Church as we seek to reach out to the lost. Pray that others will come next month, or perhaps even to the traditional morning worship services. And pray that we will be focused more on following God's leading than on numbers. We would certainly like to see more people attend, but we don't want to equate numbers with success, but instead we want to be faithful kingdom workers.

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