Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11, 2016

New Missionary Arrival!

Our Genesis team is growing! Jesse & Candie Rose and their daughter arrived in Osaka on July 29! The Roses had previously lived in Nagoya, where Jesse taught at an international school for two years. After two years raising support in the States, driving thousands of miles and sleeping in dozens of homes, they are excited to be here, and they even found an apartment less than one week after their arrival! We are very thankful that God has supplied their needs, both financially and in prayer, and has brought them to our team. Please pray for them as they adjust to life in Osaka, and as they begin language school in October.

Summer ELI Seminar

Our third English seminar, or "English Language Intensive," is scheduled for August 29-31.

The Japanese government recently issued new goals to improve English education, which has been very poor, leaving Japan with the second worst TOEFL test scores in Asia. Rather than focusing on grammar and vocabulary, which leaves many students unable to have a conversation, schools are tasked with helping students to use critical thinking and even to debate issues in English. We are taking on this challenge in our ELI seminar with lesson plans full of "task-based learning" activities. Rather than a lecture, which is usually best avoided, the students will be given experiential exercises that will require conversation, decision making, and team work. Through this process, they use English and can be guided and stretched in a safe environment.

Please pray that we will reach our goal of fifteen students, and that God will bless our time with them -- that they will learn and value their experience, that we will build Genesis' reputation in English education, and that our relationships with the students will lead to gospel opportunities.

We are excited to have three teachers, including our new arrival, Jesse Rose, for this ELI!

Spring 2016 ELI

Recruiting Report

Mobile, AL was the site of the 44th PCA General Assembly. I and three other MTW men who are raising support to join us in Osaka spent several days manning the Japan Partnership booth in the exhibit hall, meeting old friends and making new ones, and sharing with anyone who would stand still what God is doing in the city of Osaka! I was greatly encouraged through conversations with a number of young men, one as young as 17, who desire to be church planters in Japan. I also spoke with a number of people about taking on the role of GIC president. More often than not, these conversations led to suggestions of several others who might be better options. These referrals are a huge blessing, and have led to an encouraging conversation with a promising candidate.

Connecting with friends from the 2015 MTW Vision Trip to Japan.

Thank you for your prayers and financial partnership
in bringing the gospel to the people of Japan!

Fall for Japan
Join me at a "Fall for Japan" missions conference at Chapelgate Presbyterian Church near Baltimore, MD, October 21-23. This is the 2nd annual conference, focusing solely on what God is doing in this largest unreached nation. There will be exciting speakers, both Japanese nationals and American missionaries, sharing how God is working in Japan.

Click here to register online.

Prayer Points
Praise God for the arrival of new GIC missionaries Jesse & Candie Rose! Pray for their adjustment to life in Osaka and their language learning, starting in October.

Pray for Frank Harrell as he works and waits upon God for the final 10% of his missionary funding. It's important for him to arrive by October 1 for language school.

Pray for our ELI seminar on August 29-31. Pray that we will meet our goal of 15 students, that they will learn and be highly satisfied with the seminar, and that God will provide opportunities for gospel moments.

Pray for a new GIC president. I am in contact with a promising individual with experience in developing a new college.

Pray for faculty for the college! This sort of opportunity is not one typically on the radar of university faculty. Help us spread the word about this incredible opportunity God has given us to impact lives here on earth as well as eternally.

Culture Corner
On any given summer weekend in Japan, one is able to find a nearby "matsuri," or summer festival. While these events often have pagan origins, most of them now consist of lots of festival food (lots of grilled things on a stick, so often healthier than the deep-fried stuff on a stick at American festivals), and fireworks. Many people, both men and women, wear light-weight summer yukata (traditional Japanese robes), or the men may wear "jinbei" -- matching shorts and robe-like top. (I did this myself, once . . . .)

I attended a matsuri festival last weekend at a friend's 32nd floor apartment in Kobe. From his balcony, we could see an hour long fireworks display along the Kobe port, and in the distance, another matsuri in Osaka was visible. It certainly felt a bit like the Fourth of July, and gave the Americans in the crowd our fireworks fix for the year!

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