Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why Japan?

You may be wondering why I am preparing to be a missionary in Japan. Wouldn't the Gospel be better served in a nation where the people struggle just to survive?

That is a fair question. My first response is that I did not choose to go to Japan. Actually, I didn't even choose to be a missionary! God made His will abundantly clear to me through two mission trips in 2007 & 2008. I never had a desire to be a missionary, but God changed my heart so that I can no longer imagine any other path but to be a missionary in Japan!

But "WHY JAPAN?" Don't they have it all together? It is one of the most affluent nations on earth. The people are known for their extremely strong work ethic. Their products -- cars, electronics, etc. -- are virtually flawless. The problem is that the Japanese standard of perfection also applies to people. They expect everyone to be perfect. Even though they know within themselves that they are not perfect, they pretend to be perfect -- constantly disappointing themselves. This results in what some call "the zero defect affect." Japan has the highest rates of depression and suicide among industrialized nations. The people are isolated and hurting. What they need is Jesus Christ -- the only Person who ever lived a perfect life, and Who offers us forgiveness for our imperfections.

Yet less than 0.4% of the Japanese people have a saving faith in Jesus Christ. God has laid this nation and these people upon my heart. I can think of nothing more important than to share the grace of Jesus Christ with this hurting nation.


  1. Hey Brent! Glad to be "here." I love that God has given you a heart for mission work. It's really what we are all supposed to do - for some, it looks different than a foreign country, but we are all to be missionaries none-the-less.

    I look forward the more blogs about what God is doing in your life.

  2. you're in my blog list now - glad you're blogging and we'll be eager to follow your journey :)
    Christina and Thomas