Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 Update

Dear Friends,

Shortly after posting the March Newsletter yesterday, I spoke with one of my teammates in Japan. She stated that they are considering it "high priority" to have me in Japan by the second week of April! This is exciting, and a little scary at the same time! Why the second week of April? Because a new term of "Open House" English classes begins the first week of April. The team is planning to cover my six classes for the first week, but really needs me to be there by the second week.

I also learned that I will be teaching at the Presbyterian Church in Makuhari. This is part of the city of Chiba, but is a unique location as it is on land created by filling in a small portion of Tokyo Bay. For that reason it is also called "The New City." It's also right up against the city of Tokyo. Google it, if you like; you may find some interesting things, including a photo similar to the one used as the header to this blog -- I took the photo at a park in Makuhari in 2007!

PLEASE PRAY with me that God will provide the remaining 23% of the support I need to depart in one month! Specifically, I still need approximately $1200 per month. TWELVE individuals giving $100 per month would send me to Japan! But smaller amounts also quickly add up with the gifts of other supporters. Perhaps you are able to contribute $10 per month, or $25 . . . . Please prayerfully consider whether God might be leading you to partner with me in sharing the gospel in the largest unreached people group in the entire world.

THANK YOU for your prayers, encouragement, and support!

For Christ and His Glory,
Brent Kooi

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  1. Praying God brings in this last bit of support for you!